Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mary Beth Baxter, in memory

It is with a very heavy heart that we learned today that Mary Beth Baxter died after a brave 5-week struggle after suffering a heart attack. Surrounded by her loving family and friends, Mary Beth is at rest and now surrounded by the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Everyone who ever knew Mary Beth is the better for it. She was one of the funniest people I have ever known, her laughter was infectious and her stories were never-ending. I shall never forget the love she shared with our daughter, Ashley, when she was undergoing surgery for an acoustic neuroma brain tumor. Mary Beth hand wrote Ashley lengthy letters, detailing all of the going-ons at her shop and daughter Heather's bakery next door, and about her beloved grandchildren. That was Mary Beth, though - always thoughtful, always doing for others. It meant so much to me and to Ashley. Mary Beth was not only one of the most talented artists we have ever known, but she was also a wonderful gift shop owner of primitive and Americana folk art on Cape Cod. I am sure all of her loyal customers and those at Heather's bakery will dearly miss Mary Beth. Her artwork, home and shop were featured in many national magazines. I remember Mary Beth saying that "as a six year old I excelled in everything artistic. It didn't matter the time or place, from large abstract paintings to an early bride's box, the use of color and shape came as second nature to me." She always said that love and family and reverence for America were central themes of her artwork. My thoughts today are how very fortunate my life has been to have known Mary Beth. I wish all of you could have known her. She truly made this world a better place, and she will be missed everyday of my life. Some people come into our lives and leave no trace; others come and leave footprints. Mary Beth left beautiful footprints.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Sky Diving, Now Flying!

Happy Birthday, Ashley & Kevin! It's a busy June with their birthdays + sweet Charlie, who will be one on June 25th. So, how does Ashley & Kevin celebrate their birthdays? Like the rest of us, go out to dinner and have a nice evening? Oh no! much too simple! These two decide not only to go up in a plane at the Santa Monica airport, but to actually fly the plane. They took turns at the controls. Years ago Ashley decided to sky dive. She had the wisdom NOT to tell us until AFTER the fact, knowing we would have tried to talk her out of it. But....I know they had a ball in the air over LA, Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills...all over everywhere. See what happens when you get "older?" So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you.