Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas in Santa Monica

We are thrilled to be spending time in Santa Monica with our wonderful family, including our two adorable granddaughters, Aubrey 3+ and Charlie 18 months. They are very energetic, but so very sweet and kind. Aubrey told Santa she wanted a "Pinkalicious" book and a teddy bear for her and for Charlie. She never varies from that! We went to the pre-school Christmas program Sunday at the Baptist Church Aubrey attends. Each class sang a different song. Aubrey's class sang "Away in a Manager," and they did a great job. Here are photos of Charlie, all dressed up for the program.
We love having them spend the night with us in our condo....only 4 blocks from Ashley and Kevin's house. We go to the park, to the 3rd street Promenade, Disney Store, Pinkberry, Disneyland with the girls. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS!!!


  1. She is just so cute! Love the pink dress! I'm sure the both of them are being spoiled rotten with gramma & grindy with them for so long!

  2. Love her little face~ Merry Christmas, Sweet Friend! Glad you're having a wonderful holiday with everyone :)
    Our love to everyone~