Friday, August 17, 2012

Grins and Giggles

                                                               SUMMER 2012

It has been a wonderful summer at the beach.  Here is Aubrey (in photo) & Charlie's first Lemonade was a huge success. Then the ever-smiling Charlie on the beach, sitting in a bucket.  Charlie turned 2 in June and Aubrey celebrated her 4th on Aug. 16th!  They bring such joy to Grendy (their name for Granddad) and me.  What a treat for Ashley & Kevin & the girls spend the summer with us....will be sad to see them return to Santa Monica, but we still have lots of time for grins and giggles.


  1. How cute!! Glad you enjoyed your family, Linda!

    1. Enjoying is putting it mildly. They are the light of our lives.
      Thanks for checking in!!!